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As a minge, it is your sworn duty to utterly ruin the experience of GMOD for anyone and everyone you come into contact with while creating epic lulz for yourself. But done by less lazy and people who are under 12 but still involve sex. Well, it serves the cheap bastards right. But when they learn they make the shittiest fuck-ups you will ever see, I am not kidding. Categories : Not obvious Computer Games.

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Now with these controls you can't build anything at all so say goodbye to 12 hours of work.

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It was created by the most "brilliant" British coder who goes by the name of Gary Newman although he likes to be called Larry , who made an ugly interface on top of Valve's Source Engine that took him 12 versions to get it right and then fucked it all up in its recent incarnation, Garry's Mod But in other cases of this clusterfuck they call Garry's Mod Multiplayer, there may be no problem when someone joins a building server full of intellectual people with goals of construction. This page was last edited on 17 August , at The grand creators of half life 2 roleplay, in particular, are a dieing wat is spellign breed.

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