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It is ultimately an excellent way to provide an alternative income to hunting or logging. In the end, Keiko swam into a harbor in Norway, actively seeking the company of humans. But for some animals, if we proceed scientifically and thoughtfully, it can be done. Wild release is easier for some animals than others, and the needs of individual species need to be carefully taken into account. Their method of release involves multiple stages, which eventually sees the release of wild offspring from previously captive adults.

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He never managed to integrate with a wild population, struggled to hunt, and eventually died of pneumonia in

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For some animals, reintroduction will always be difficult, such as baby elephants, or pet cheetahs, both of which habituate to human care very quickly, says Moore of IFAW. But with complex mammals such as primates, large cats, elephants, dolphins and whales, who may require years of instruction from their mothers, and an entire group of other members of their species in which they can thrive as adults, reintroduction is far more difficult. In many ways, humans have vastly improved how we treat captive wildlife. In the wild, an orangutan would spend up to nine years with its mother; an extraordinarily long time, even for a primate.

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