Shirtless anime men

shirtless anime men
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Is overflowing with hot topless guys but we believe that Haruka tops them all when it comes to this category. When he does so, he slowly takes off his shirt, and we really mean very slowly with style and makes ridiculous model poses. That is why until now, he readily sacrifices himself for the safety of his friends as not to feel responsible again if something wrong happens. Aikuro may look lame in his disguise as a teacher but once you remove all that he is actually a stunning man. His passion for basketball has given him the strength to be the best in court and of course has given him that well-endowed body. Kurosaki, Ichigo always had the urge to protect others most especially his family and comrades.

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Raegan. Age: 21.
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He was born in Japan but was raised for quite awhile in the U.

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Malia. Age: 24.
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Top 10 Shirtless Anime Boys/Guys

It only goes to show hard work really pays off. Kurosaki, Ichigo from Bleach. His physique is superb and those tattoos that are attached to him adds more to his charisma.

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