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It humanises a relationship which is usually either considered too taboo to discuss openly or is tied so heavily into yuri literary and media tropes that it cannot be connected to lives of real, living people. And that's what makes the number one best series on this list. With a pair of female assassins who oppose Mireille and Kirika, the series is very overtly female-centric. It leaves you questioning what relationships are heterosexual, what relationships are homosexual, and what relationships simply are or should be simply un-labeled. Yoshino, especially, is prone to childish fits of jealousy.

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Kara. Age: 31.
anime lesbian manga

Above all, she is determined to unravel the mysteries of the prince and the setting around her.

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Lyra. Age: 32.
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Natsuko Aki

Get our newsletter Subscribe. However, in both cases, the yuri elements are quite minor. Simoun is a world where gender and sexuality, not to mention biology, just do not work in the same ways as in our own. Politely bigoted, but bigoted none-the-less.

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