B grade bollywood

b grade bollywood
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Ahluwalia says, "The actors I like from C grade films are mostly from the s. Ahluwalia, who has spent 10 years researching on this industry says, "It's actually a meaningless term. He defies every rule in the book," says Chandaver. Producer of 'Sheila Ki Jawani' Kanti Shah says that the industry is going through a rough patch due to the rise in multiplexes and the single screens shutting down. The popular notion is that B films are all about sex and sleaze. These films range from B, C, D to E grade. Ahluwalia says, "Most people find them funny because they can be accidentally quite hilarious," and adds, "The target audience are the people who find Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan boring and would rather see a Chudail rip someone's head off or have an erotic shower.

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b grade bollywood

In D grade films if there is shortage of actors they cast their spot boys as well.

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Bollywood's B, C, D and E grade films explained

As a rule these movies make profit. All they need is a heavy dose of 'erotica and cheap thrills' to get the desired eyeballs. These films range from B, C, D to E grade. There are also various genres in these films horror, daku, junglee, Tarzan, erotica, naag and action.

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