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The answers will be given and I hope it is for their greater good. The interior was warm in colour so it obviously had not been picked out by Tina. Queenie, being a Legilimens, overheard your thoughts and had saved you, Newt, the Muggle and her sister. There was Queenie, tray in hand, standing at the door. Newt rested his forehead against yours, sighing. Yes, Newt was attractive but you had never felt that way towards him. Words failing you, you nodded and followed Queenie over to the sofa, sitting down beside the blonde.

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Leslie. Age: 25.
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Licking your lips nervously, you glanced over at Queenie to find her green eyes already staring at you.

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Paityn. Age: 23.
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Towards any man, really, which made you worry that you would not love anyone. You bit your lip as you watched her open the door to her bedroom, stopping to give you a small smile before closing the door quietly. Newt whipped around, eyeing his creature. She motioned for you to follow her up the stairs.

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