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She touted other benefits of lube as well. Furthermore, lube can be an essential part of safer sex. Another personal experience with lube comes from Jaiya , a sex coach and author of "Red Hot Touch. Most women need lube at least some of the time because factors like stress, hydration levels and where we are at in our monthly cycle can cause our bodies to create less lubrication. But then I started sleeping with someone who swore by it because his penis was on the larger side and penetrative sex wasn't always feasible without lube. Medication even over-the-counter seasonal allergy pills frequently causes vaginal dryness.

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Caitlyn. Age: 20.
ronda rousey anal

Serra said one of the primary reasons condoms break is due to lack of lubrication.

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Baylee. Age: 29.
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Sex educators were unanimous in their responses to me that Rousey is dead wrong. If someone is undergoing cancer treatments, going through menopause, or even taking certain medications, their natural lubrication production can dramatically change and decrease. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:.

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