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The artifacts were an ancient blue dragon relic known as Balacgos's Bane , and the infamous Demon Soul. In Bastion of Twilight , Sintharia supervises the brood of the Twilight dragonflight. A powerful guardian, Sartharion , watches over the eggs within the black dragonflight's volcanic chamber, the Obsidian Sanctum. Only the sacrifice of the nether dragon Zzeraku enabled Dargonax to be defeated, and in his death throes he destroyed Sinestra as well. The twilight dragonflight was first created by Sinestra , aka Sintharia, prime-consort of Deathwing the Destroyer.

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With the red dragonflight already committed heavily to battling Malygos and the Scourge , Korialstrasz sent word of the twilight eggs to the Council of Six in Dalaran in the hope that adventurers could be found to deal with the situation.

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Twilight Dragonflight

Thought destroyed by the human mage Rhonin , Sinestra gathered several fragments of the Demon Soul and used the power within them to carry out her designs. Evidence of this is in the fight against Corla, Herald of Twilight. In this region surrounding Grim Batol, they seem to be a kind of elite guard within the Twilight's Hammer clan 's ranks as Valiona and Theralion who protect Cho'gall himself. Sign In Don't have an account?

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