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giantess wedding
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In the midst of our shopping excursion, Tamika and I were just about to sit down for a drink. Make certain that you stay home for the duration of the evening, upon finishing this wine. We do the role-play thing occasionally……….. Smiling in my direction, she quietly cooed,….. I was in midair for a couple of seconds……….. Tamika, while studying the now even smaller creature that stood before her, namely ME, spoke downwards to me, in the best English language she knew how to use, which was a bit broken, but for some reason, this proved to be quite sexy! I had quite a bit of a struggle just getting out from under the silly covers……………I assumed that either Carrie, or the other Amazonians upstairs, had decided to jokingly cover me with what seemed like, every blanket in the house!!

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Isabelle. Age: 30.
giantess wedding

I walked over to the opposite end of the sofa, in hopes of figuring this nightmare out!!

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Hailee. Age: 32.
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Giantess Wedding

Further deductions brought me to the conclusion that I had not only shrunk,………………but shrunk to less than the size of a quarter, which might as well have been a extra large manhole cover to your tiny narrator!! Now she is a big girl in many wonderful ways……Sandra stands a remarkable six-foot-three, and weighs in at around lbs!! With that, Sandra lifted what felt like the weight of the world, off of my tiny body…………..

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