Kaito x gakupo doujinshi

kaito x gakupo doujinshi
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I rolled my eyes, scoffing silently. She was wearing her 'Duke Venomania's Madness' costume; a grey-white dress that ended just above her knees, at which point there was a blue band around her leg. I put a hand on his chest, for balance at first, but eventually I started pushing him away. He walked on stage as the song began, singing in his peculiar yet rhythmical voice. Luka's still on stage, and Gumi goes on after her. We'd been hired at roughly the same time, so we always looked out for each other, since we weren't the most favoured of all the Vocaloid. I ended with a bow as the crowd cheered, running offstage.

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I couldn't find my wig, so I was checking all the rooms in case someone took it by mistake.

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Gakupo x Kaito---Yaoi Warning

Gakupo's face dropped, and I immediately felt like my words had been too harsh. Meiko's shrill voice rang through the maze of poles and rooms behind the stage. As he slid himself back inside me, the feeling of irresistible pleasure returned almost instantaneously. Lips touched against my neck, travelling up and down its length.

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