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I am not saying MNF needs to be the pinnacle for sophistication or value, but what I am saying is that as a community we all might as well try and make the best of what we have and each other, to keep the game fun and active. The wonder and suspense of not knowing what was coming next was magical, but as soon as you get used to flying the magic becomes lost. Like I stated before, how you play MNF is completely up to you. There are still many who enjoys the game even they are lvl 11 now. I like to think back to the first time I was on an airplane. You make your avatar, pick your name and once signing up is done you are suddenly surrounded by all kinds of people, some with a focused goal and some with no clear direction or purpose.

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Keyla. Age: 20.
mnf club money

The lack of content, updates leading to a drought of new players, which leads to the lack of a reason to even come to what is supposed to be a social MMO.

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Kairi. Age: 30.
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The MNFClub Player Experience

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