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mynmar actress
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Director Kyi Soe Tun said that the money-generating movies of today are comedies and action films, with a growing audience for horror and ''ghost movies''. Only one of the seven people took the money back. Perhaps it's only natural,'' she added with a bittersweet laugh. HONG KONG: Passengers stuck on a cruise ship being quarantined in Hong Kong are beginning to worry that lax controls on the boat and a lack of information might put them at risk of the coronavirus spreading among those on board. Do you like the content of this article? When the camera operators and film directors finished the project, they left behind the equipment, which was subsequently donated to Myanmar's film development board. Historical films and family dramas dominated throughout the s and in , the film Wishing on a Grand Thing was exported to English viewers.

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mynmar actress

However, when I asked budding actor Su Sandi Win, 22, how modern-day dramas compare with films of the past, she said, ''I don't know anything about old movies.

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Yet despite the setbacks that have turned the industry upside-down time and time again, dreams of a brighter future are anything but extinguished. The seats are generally uncomfortable and the majority aren't particularly clean. Up until , cinema halls were government owned. Other decrees were issued, such as requiring both script approval and public screening approval, the latter of which was only valid for three years.

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