Skylanders spyro x cynder

skylanders spyro x cynder
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As far as dragon culture is concerned, someone of his status can take as many mates as he wants. Now, with the company of an interesting figure, young dragons fly back to their home, and in there, they think they will finally be able to settle. The squad is formed at the home of Cami Flage, where Eon, Cami, and two other teachers meet and introduce their students. Spyro and Cynder have defeated Malefor once and for all, but a shadow still lingers over the realms, and the purple dragon of legend's strength will not be enough to stave it off. On an unrelated note, my OC, Pixel, will be starring in this story. In s NY, a young girl struggles with her own trauma. The Realms have never seen a darker time.

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However, Red and Malefor would not give up easily, and they make plan to take revenge on the young purple hero

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This is probably gonna trigger Spyro X Cynder fans...

Only ever seen once before, and yet, another one has emerged. Cynder struggles through the process of coping and coming into her own after years of serving as a tool to Malefor. Guardians lie imprisoned, eggs are stolen and murdered, and war blazes through the land, consuming lives as kindling for the Dark Master's evil schemes.

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