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Kasumi's girlfriend, and Extar. Momoka: If you ever wanna make it off this island, then shut your mouth and do as you're told. I'm going to kill lots and lots of people. How well does it match the trope? Good thing too as Mamori would likely have been killed if not for her timely rescue. She's effectively Charlotte's second in command and her most loyal servant. Undying Loyalty : They show absolute devotion to Charlotte and while they can't understand her actions, they will follow her all the same.

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Eva. Age: 20.
valkyrie drive mermaid giantess

The most prominent member of the Adel.

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Ava. Age: 28.
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valkyrie drive mermaid giantess

Even Kasumi is uncomfortable at the Adel getting involved in the hostage situation on Episode 7 due to their power. In a curious example of the trope, they've shown to be more competent in combat that Charlotte herself Battle Harem : They not only provide Charlotte with protection and obedience, but they also take care of Charlotte's sexual urges. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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