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The runt of King and Silver's litter of four cubs and a black pup with a white star on his chest. The protagonist, Wolf, is "a solitary advocate of singing [howling] -- a practice considered by others of his species as perverted and to be punished He has a very cowardly personality and is often mistreated by others. The two main protagonists who journeyed their way back home to Jasper National Park, Alberta from Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area before the two wolf packs fight over their territory and food. Pitted against the adolescent Leonidas as he went through the wilderness in the Agoge. Hokey Wolf is the smooth-talking title character throughout each cartoon.

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But Wolf, inspired by mystic visions of the 'Great Dire Wolf,' knows that singing is the pure release of the wolf soul.

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List of fictional wolves

He is usually eager to follow in Hokey's ambitious con-artist footsteps, but often reconsiders the plans Hokey will come up with in many situations. Archived from the original on April 23, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vicious anthropomorphic wolf creatures known as Wolfen, various forms of Wolfen appear as the main enemy to the heroine Kya.

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